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Seismic exploration "Seismic" (en)

Seismic exploration "Seismic" (en)
Seismic exploration "Seismic" (en) Seismic exploration "Seismic" (en)
Модель: Seismic exploration "Seismic" (en)
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Our organization has been involved in magnetometry, manufacturing and testing magnetometers and other equipment since 2007. During this period, we have trained and provided basic knowledge in magnetometry to no fewer than fifty future specialists. We have completed over 450 successful measurement trips for clients, providing them with magnetic maps of the area or information that has helped them make informed decisions about further exploration work.
Collaboration between geophysicists, heavy machinery prospectors with extensive experience in geological exploration, and specialists from manufacturers and developers of geological exploration equipment has allowed us to take a step forward!

Technical specifications:

- Memory cards used - microSD
- Memory card file format - FAT, FAT16, FAT32
- Number of files that can be saved - 99
- Number of profiles that can be recorded in a file - 99
- Number of measurements in a single profile - 99
- File naming format - from 1 to 99

The principle of operation involves registering artificially-excited elastic waves and extracting useful geological-geophysical information from them. An oscillogram of recorded elastic vibrations from a single disturbance is displayed on screen. Based on the oscillogram, a decision is made to record a specific measurement in a file.

Reliability indicators:
- Average time to failure of at least 1000 hours
- Service life is not limited

The screen is color, TFT format, with continuous backlighting.

There is sound indication when buttons are pressed and when a measurement is finished and saved to a file.

Powered by two 18650 batteries inside the electronic block. It shuts down when the battery discharges critically below 3.2V. At 3.3V, the voltage value turns red, warning of imminent shutdown.

The sensor's working position in the ground is vertical. To enhance performance, a weight that comes in the package should be placed on top of the sensor.

Operating conditions - from 0 to +45 degrees. Dimensions 60x150x110. Weight - not more than 1kg.

Search characteristics:
Objects smaller than 40x40x40cm are not detected. Objects (voids) are detected when the sensor is placed directly above them. There is minimal side capture.

Maximum scanning depth, modes:
mode 3m - 30m
mode 10m - 256m
mode 30m - 2500m
Minimum scanning depth - 1m


Electronic block SEISMIC - 1 piece
Sensor - 1 piece
Leather case - 1 piece
Impact device - 1 piece
USB-miniUSB cable - 1 piece
Charger - 1 piece
Sensor weight - 1 piece
Note: the appearance, material, etc. of the device may differ from what is described.

Manufacturer: Ukraine.

Warranty: 3 years.

Download Seismic Prospecting Instructions Seismic

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