In the Poltava region, Scythian gold was found

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As a result of archeological excavations in Bielsk settlement that Kotelevsky area Poltavckoyi area found Scythian gold. This was announced by deputy head of the Poltava regional council Anatoly Hanko, informs UNN Center.
"In less than a couple of days when provincial deputies at the session resumed real support archeology in Poltava, once a" spirit of archeology "rewarded! Burial second half of the 7th century BC and about 30 gold jewelry in Scythian animal style. On the Left Bank of the Ukraine was not yet ", - said A. Hanko.
He said archaeologists in the necropolis mound on Skorobir find unique for Ukraine left bank of Scythian gold, generally more than 30 gold products.
The head of archaeological expedition Shramko Irina told reporters found a gold plaque with a unique image of "lying kid," barred more than 2,700 years. Also found a gold pendant and jewelry prypayuvannyam.
Most mounds were once looted, so this finding is so valuable.
- I've never so much did not find gold, I once found a plaque size of a centimeter to a centimeter and there are several dozen - rozpovіdaє Stanislav Zadnіkov senior Naukova spіvrobіtnik museum arheologії Harkіvskogo natsіonalnogo unіversitetu IM. Karazіna.
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